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Our Orthodontists understand how important it is to satisfy all our patients by answering all their questions.

This is why we ensure that your consultation will be very informative so you are educated as to why the course of treatment we have recommended is the best course of action.

Patient Information

Learn about how to care for and maintain your braces and retainers with our helpful fact sheets.

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Treatment Gallery

Take a look at some of the before and after shots of our patients who have experienced many common dental problems.

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New Patient Forms

To save waiting queues and to leave more time for you to ask questions at your appointment, please print and fill in our new patient forms.

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Treatment Support

Learn about common in-surgery procedures and what to expect during your treatment.

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Conveniently at three locations, we are sure to be able to find a time and place that suits you. Feel free to email or call us for a consultation. Click the link below and fill out your details.

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