3M Incognito Braces

Our orthodontists use IncognitoTM braces from 3M, a 100% customised, modern alternative to conventional braces and clear aligners. IncognitoTM braces are a Lingual orthodontic appliance, finished in a high quality, polished gold. They are designed for patients both young and old who are looking for an invisible orthodontic solution.

What is Lingual Orthodontics?

The word Lingual is used to describe the surface on the reverse of your tooth closest to your tongue. Placing the braces here keeps them hidden as you eat and smile, concealing them as your teeth are aligned in the process.

Because 3M Incognito Braces are placed behind the teeth, they are practically hidden from view and it is your choice to tell people if you are currently wearing braces.


Incognito braces are directly applied to your teeth, working 24 hours a day towards improving your smile. They are also designed with customised wires which do not require adjustments, often meaning fewer touch up visits. Because of this, treatment times can often be shorter than typically seen with clear aligners.

Who Are Lingual Orthodontics For?

As Incognito Lingual Braces are 100% custom designed, almost anyone is a candidate whether young or old.

Lingual Braces can be the right choice for you if:

Your Orthodontist at The Orthodontic Specialists will discuss with you the best option for your individual situation and recommend if Incognito Lingual Braces are the best option for you.

What’s involved?

During your initial consultation we will be able to assess what your main orthodontic concerns are and gauge what treatments will be most suited to your individual circumstance. From here, our specialists orthodontists can effectively determine if you are an eligible candidate for lingual, Incognito braces.

Once determined that that you are a candidate for Incognito braces, detailed x-rays and diagnostic records of your mouth will be taken so that we can develop your personalised treatment plan. We will then take impressions of your mouth so that our laboratory can create your braces to fit precisely with your teeth.

Finally, your Incognito braces will be affixed to your teeth and your orthodontic treatment will begin. Your orthodontist will provide you with detailed, personalised instructions on how to correctly care for your braces, dietary requirements and a plan for regular visits to ensure the correct progression of your treatment.

For more information on 3M Incognito Braces, visit the website here.

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